Spiritual Response Therapy and Healing
Provide your inner heart a warm healing


Release for your full potential and achieve a better life with Spiritual Response Therapy and healing.  

  • spriritual response therapy can help youAshamed of something that happened in your life awhile agothat nags? 
  • “My problem can’t be helped, if at all”   
  • Feeling depressed and suicidal?   
  • Troubles with succeeding and prospering?   
  • Desire some changes in life and being a happier you?  
  • Want to give a friend a helping hand?  
  • Know someone who have some difficulties with studies?  

Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful yet profound way can help anyone to release the causes of above scenarios for positive changes so that opportunities 

of greater things in life can be looked forward to. 


How does Spiritual Response Therapy work for you and heal?  

spiritual response therapy benefitJust a scenario of how SRT supports releasing back pain and heal:  

Mr. BP have been having a lower back aches & pains for a few days. Researching through SRT charts provided information that Mr. BP has experienced back aches & pains in a few lifetime that happened from the constant lack of support from people around him and denying support of self. There were many times his creative ideas shared with others were disregarded as not good enough or he was labeled crazy. He became disheartened slowly by the lack of acceptance, love and support being experienced which brought about various beliefs with thoughts of not being good enough and his believe that those people could be right in saying that his ideas were not good enough and crazy.  


In the Akashic records and subconscious mind, Mr BP was actually denying the self-care, self-acceptance and self-love of believing in himself and of spiritual support. There was another lifetime, where a group of people who didn’t supported his business idea. So, there were programs of back pain, hate, fear, hate of God, rejection, desires to suffer, unforgiveness, deny support, self-punishment, self-limitation with the associated energies and other reasons for the back pain. As discordant programs and energies were carry-forward from past life in the subconscious and within Mr B.P’s  ‘soul’ were released, Mr BP felt reduced pain and aches from the back but not gone completely. So, a few sessions were required to research and release again. At the end of the sessions, Mr B.P was advised to focus on self-care activities such as repeating helpful releasing statement, meditation, consuming water to further release energetic “toxin”, exercise and practice positive thinking to cultivate positive attitude. 

As example whereby in previous incarnations, we may have been wealthy, poor, asian, white, black, murdered, criminals, abusers, monk, priest - all manner of roles and characters so that our soul can learn lessons and grow. We are quite likely to have taken numerous religious vows to prove our worthiness to God, we may have taken vows of poverty or taken vows of self-punishments as resolutions to God. These vows stay with us that are “lodged” in our subconscious mind and in our DNA. Every time when we try to make money in this life, we are blocked because our subconscious mind recollects the vows which have never been revoked. Since the subconscious mind  is stronger than the conscious mind, it effectively over-rules it. Despite our best efforts, we stay poor or continue to have difficulties in making or keeping money for that matter! 


Following the removal with SRT of these vows and other records contain negative energies, leaving only positive energies, helps us to still be able to experience any challenges in a way in much more ease.  


In a nutshell, every SRT can help to “heal an unhealthy tree through pulling out the roots” and then to “replant a good seed for a new tree to start growing”. The ‘good seed’ is a positive idea or positive thoughts generating the likeness energies in the mind if you like, which comes from a positive attitude with self-accountability and responsibility for the rest of their life’s journey. So, It’s indeed very possible to heal with Spiritual Response Therapy! 


The benefit of Spiritual Response Therapy session  

SRT provides a gentle way that’s virtually painless in changing the landscape of your inner and outer life. Thus, SRT enables us to live your life more freely. The effect of this work is amazingly powerful and profound. 

Everything happens for a reason and from a cause existing within ourselves in our life that comes from a spiritual cause. On all other forms such as mental, emotional and physical are only effects. Through SRT, we can research and clear past life programming, curses, old vows,  such as lack of money, depression, ill physical health, miserly relationships, allergy reactions, fearfulness or anything that is unpleasant, repeat patterning and etc, “remove” and “clear” the blocks to heal from.  


SRT session is also enlightening to both SRT facilitator and an individual. Both parties have the opportunity to gain wisdom from understanding the causes behind the unpleasant happenings and share knowledge to practice greater self-care for good of their mental, emotional and physical well-being and bringing forth other greater good to fulfill personal needs in life.  


SRT helps us to ‘release stuffs in our inner landscapes of life that are blocking the greatness that we can become our full potential to enable projection of a positive outer landscape of life  filled with possibilities and opportunities of harmony, prosperity, miracles, wealth, abundance, love, joy and success. 


Spiritual Response Therapy sessions can help change for the below (and not limited to):    spiritual response therapy benefit

  • Recognizing good beliefs from the false ones.
  • Responsive to accountability and responsibility in thoughts and actions
  • Improved state of health.
  • Getting ajob after experiencing challenges in searching.
  • Enhanced spiritual perspective.
  • Better self-care and self-love extending to others.
  • A smile in the heart from a long drought of depressive mood.
  • Greater clarity to self-love and self-care extending to others.
  • Letting go of a relationship that has more negative value instead of the positive   

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